London Global Resistance Forum


On Tuesday 5 April there will be a Globalise Resistance Forum. The forum will take shape in two separate parts:

Repression in Serbia: Free the Belgrade Six

Serbia's bid to join the EU, formally delivered towards the end of last month, has been favourably looked on by the powers that be, with the main question being whether privatisation of the country

On the way to Brutopia? The state of the Netherlands, Europe and the world at the beginning of the 21st Century


Spectre enjoys the support of political parties in Sweden, the United States and the Netherlands.

Swedish Election


Step backwards for Left Party, but "left" stays in power

Venezuela: Not a Banana-Oil Republic after all


Gregory Wilpert reports from Caracas on the counter-coup that saved Venezuelan democracy.

Killing the Political Animal: CIA Psychological Operations and Us


Heather Wokusch looks at what the CIA is really doing to the people it claims to protect.

The Case of the Salamanca Blood Papers


Antony Strubell reports from Spain on an attack on history itself.


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