Not in my Name

Video: Not in my name (TV Choice, 2002, 41 minutes)

To play this video and watch the scenes enacted, listen to the comments of Tony Benn and the others is to see the Afghanistan war from a completely different angle. Indeed one is filled with rage, at not only the appalling images, but that the commentaries are openly condemnatory of the whole vile exercise that is conducted in the name of the war against "terrorism". Such outspokenness is just not permitted by the BBC, representing as it does the views of the Blair government, and since the commercial channels are controlled by four or five large companies with American links, the same applies.

As the video shows, the awful truth about the reasons for the war are unfolded. The glorification by Brezinski, Secretary of State under the Carter administration, of the war against the Najibullah government, which gave opportunities to women for instance to live liberated lives could not be more explicit. The role of the oil companies is manifest, and shown as  the real driving force behind the whole exercise.

Featuring as it does the views of George Galloway, Labour MP and investigative journalists Tariq Ali, Jonathan Snow, John Pilger, Paul Foot and Andrew Murray, Salma Yacoobs and many others, it shows clearly and unambiguously the evil process that has followed the horror bombings of the New York World Trade Centre and how that event has provided an excuse for the murder of innocent Afghans, the detention of equally innocent Muslims and the opportunity for a world wide attack on civil liberties.

As the whole exercise of a continuing war against "anyone" who is conceived as a "terrorist" in the chilling words of Bush and Blair, the video is a call for resistance against the malign plans to envelope the whole world in war for the sake of US hegemony and the oil companies they represent. This video alerts us all to the dangerous situation the world is in and should be either purchased directly or ordered through the local library. After that copy and pass it on to your neighbour.

The film is available from TV Choice, price £15.51 (including VAT and p&p) Cheques should be made payable to TV Choice and sent to Norman Thomas, 22 Charing Cross Rd, London WC2 OHR. For faster contact, please ring 0207 379 0837 or e-mail