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Towards a political solution to the Kurdish question in Turkey

London, 16 May: Open discussion on the ‘Road Map to Negotiations’

Choice and prejudice: Discrimination against Muslims in Europe

Muslims across Europe belong to many different ethnic groups and follow diverse cultural, religious or traditional practices.

“Karl Marx and Abraham Lincoln – An Unfinished Revolution”

London, May 9th Karl Marx Memorial Talk by  Robin Blackburn

“There is a democratic failure in Europe”


An extract from  Olaf Storbeck’s recent interview with Amartya Sen

"Deindustrialization and Workers' Struggle in Serbia"

By Milenko Srečković

New book from New Left Project

Spectrezine’s friends at the UK’s New Left project have published their first e-book.

#Blockupy for Global Change


Transnational Call to Action in Frankfurt, May 16-19
International Solidarity in Our Common Struggle

Letter from World Conference Against A and H Bombs, August 2-9, 2012


For a Nuclear Weapon-free, Peaceful and Just World:
“We call for your participation in and support to the 2012 World Conference against A and H Bombs”

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