In brief

Heather Wokusch revisits a different "War on Terror" and draws some interesting parallels


Here's the situation: The nation's leadership is taken over by a secretive group of elitists who profess democracy while dragging the country into a totalitarian nightmare.

The Joy of Freezing for Peace


David McReynolds, staff emeritus of War Resisters League and Socialist Party candidate for US President in 2000, reports on the huge anti-war demonstration in Washington, DC last weekend.

Venezuela - A Dangerous Game of Chicken


Larry Birns explains what is happening as US-backed business and bogus trade unions attempt to destabilise the country in preparation for a second coup.

A War of Sharon's Making


For more than a year it has been discussed in the media and the political and military system: is what is going on between Israel and the Palestinians a war, or is it just "fighting"?

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