Demonstrate in solidarity with the Ferrexpo Miners' Strike in the Ukraine

London: Friday 3rd September 4:30 PM


Ferrexpo plc, 2 - 4 King Street, London, SW1Y 6QL
Nearest Tube: Green Park, Piccadilly Circus

A major dispute is underway between mineworkers in Poltava in Ukraine and Ferrexpo, a UK-incorporated public limited company. Ferrexpo Plc is a major player on the global market engaged in the mining of iron ore.

Nearly 1000 workers have been in struggle since 1 August in defence of their wages, conditions and safety at
work. Ferrexpo Plc is seeking to increase workloads whilst cutting pay and benefits. This is despite the fact
that in the last two years workers’ incomes have dropped almost fourfold due to inflation and currency devaluation – whilst the working day has been increased from 8 to 12 hours.

To try and break the workers' action Ferrexpo Plc has hired scabs, whose convoy is escorted by private security guards armed with Kalashnikov machine-guns – even though such an armed force is illegal in Ukraine. The leader of the strikers has been fired and authorities are stepping up harassment and intimidation. The workers trade union Narodna Solidarnist [People Solidarity] is appealing for solidarity to help them achieve their demands, which are:

• An increase of wages by at least 50%;
• Lowering daily and monthly output quotas to fit the safety requirements and actual human abilities;
• Restoration of the workers social and pension benefits.

Ferrexpo Plc enjoys an income of over $105 million, whilst Ukrainian workers who made that wealth are being reduced to poverty wages and dangerous working conditions. Show your solidarity and join the demonstration at the Fererexpo offices on Friday September 3rd.

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