In Ukraine Europe is collaborating with oligarchs and fascists


The government in Kiev is no bastion of a free democracy.

Women Can’t Wait: Repeal the 8th - The Politics of Abortion and the Irish National Election


Abortion is one of the defining issues of the 2016 national Irish election, yet a vast majority of candidates have declined to give their views on the controversial subject.

How about this for making a complete mess of things?


EU Observer reports that 53% of Dutch citizens want an EU membership referendum similar to the British vote, according to a poll by De Hond.

Migrant ‘crisis’


Lies and false statistics

Dangerous Regulatory Duet


How transatlantic regulatory cooperation under TTIP will allow bureaucrats and big business to attack the public interest

TTIP – The State of Play

It’s holed, but is it sunk?

Whether we’re going to end up with the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Pact – the TTIP – no-one can any longer say. Resistance is growing but the interests involved are major.

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