After "Brexit": A Social-Democratic Re-Founding of Europe?


Critical remarks on the new post-"Brexit" strategy paper by Sigmar Gabriel and Martin Schulz

Why Should Labour Support the Undemocratic European Union?: The Case to Leave


The origins of the European Union (EU) are, in many ways, inspiring and almost miraculous.

Letter to French workers – “We wish you well: your struggle is our struggle; your struggle is a global struggle.”


This letter appeared in both France’s L’Humanité and Britain’s

Big Energy still pulling the strings in Brussels six months after Paris climate deal


New research shows fossil fuels industry lobbyists still enjoy insider access to the European Commission despite the global agreement to tackle climate ch

The conundrum of Brexit: Leave or Remain?


If you’d asked me any time in the last 43 years – in other words, since the UK joined the European Economic Community – how I would vote in a referendum on whether the country should reverse that d

Norway's Unions Confront Neoliberalism


A Country Report from a Meeting of Left Trade Unionists in Europe

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