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Two elections - and the EU's war on Europe's peoples


Both Britain and the Netherlands have voted recently in general elections. In Britain, two right-wing parties formed a coalition while another right-wing party is the main opposition.

Maple Leaf Killers: Spectre editor speaks on Canada's deadly export

Spectre editor Steve McGiffen addressed a meeting of students, staff and guests of the American Graduate School of International Relations and Diplomacy in Paris on Wednesday 28th  April.

What is it we're voting for again?


I'm a reluctant outsider to the general election coming up in Britain.

Would you like fries with that? GM potatoes and EU hypocrisy


A few years ago, when I was an environmental policy adviser to the United Left group in the European Parliament, we fought tooth and nail to keep genetically modified organisms (GMOs) out of Europe

Haiti's unnatural disaster

The 150,000 Haitian people estimated (as I write) to have died in the earthquake were, in a sense, victims of a natural disaster.

The European Union as 'universalist' project: Developing a critical left response


No systematic theoretical study of the development of European economic integration has as yet been conducted.

Defend The Right To Not Eat GMOs

Steve McGiffen, adviser to the European Parliament's United Left Group when the laws governing the cultivation and distribution of GMOs in the EU were adopted, calls for a campaign

Killing for Profit

September 26, 2005 19:00 | by Steve McGiffen

Investigating the firms that are using asbestos at the expense of staff health.

Gathering this week in Brussels, groups of activists, victims, doctors, lawyers and politicians will come together to discuss the continuing problem of asbestos.

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