Steve McGiffen

Privileges of the EU’s nuclear industries

The tragedy that's been unfolding in Japan reminds me that almost exactly four years ago a petition was handed in to the European Commission calling on the European Union to stop privileging nuclea

We don't want to say we told you so - the anti-EMU campaign revisited


Fourteen years ago Spectre saw the light of day as an ‘old-fashioned’ hard copy magazine. In our second edition, I had this to say in an editorial entitled ‘EMU’s true feathers:

Saved by the roof falling in…. nearly €2 million


When the roof fell in on the European Parliament’s monstrosity of a building in Strasbourg, anyone reading about it could have been forgiven for thinking that, once again, we knew very well who wou

Consultation is not democracy, so don’t waste your time with a European Citizens’ Initiative

It is claimed by its supporters that the Lisbon Treaty has extended democracy within the European Union, helped to close the democratic deficit, and returned power to the peoples of Europe.

Transparency International


Corruption is undoubtedly a huge and probably growing problem throughout the world. But how best to combat it?

Dictatorship of the technocrats


The European Union was created primarily in order to implement Milton Friedman’s programme to restrict democratic choice to issues which do not touch the core of the economy.  Friedman believe

Ras-le-bol: French workers and students say enough is enough


In the wave of strikes and demonstrations sweeping their country, the French people are fighting for all of us. If they win, nothing will ever be quite the same again.

Right-wing populism in the Netherlands


Somehow, despite refusing to accept invitations from what he dubs the 'left-wing' state broadcasting service, and generally playing little part in debates outside parliament, far right populist Gee

EU pensions proposal: The devil's in the detail...

The European Commission has a rather crude habit of publishing potentially controversial reports just as most Euro-MPs and members of national parliaments are packing their buckets and spades.

Nobody's job is safe

Corporate greed throws Dutch pharmaceutical workers on the scrap heap

It is not just crisis-hit firms going to the wall, or public employees losing their jobs as governments fuel recession by cutting spending.

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