Steve McGiffen

The Class War in Europe


Ed Lewis speaks to Steve McGiffen about the class politics driving both the euro and the ever-deepening austerity in Europe, Neo-Nazism in Greece, and how to frame a left response to the EU.

Of Six-Packs and Straitjackets


Odd to find oneself in even partial agreement with US ratings agency Standard & Poor's (S&P), one of the bodies which now determines government policy throughout most of the developed world, or at least has far greater influence on it than do the hapless voters.

Meet Greece’s new transport minister

Just who are these people whom the EU has put in charge of Greece?

There has been a curious oversight in the mainstream media’s coverage of the European Union’s replacement of the elected Greek government with one allegedly of ‘technocrats’.

Eurobonds: one more mechanism of elite control


On the surface of things, Euro-bonds may look like a rather progressive solution to the current European crisis.

Summer of Hate

It has been said that you can always spot a Marxist writer by the presence of sentences which, while containing two or more apparently unrelated facts, begin with the words, ‘it is no coincidence t

We saw it coming

the radical left predicted the Eurocrisis before the 20th Century was out

The European ruling elite likes to pretend that the crisis afflicting the Eurozone countries was something both unforeseen and unforeseeable, the result of circumstances beyond its control deriving

Guess which bankrupt EU state is the world’s fourth biggest arms importer


It’s more than two thousand years since Greece was a superpower, yet its leaders prefer bombs to books, says Steve McGiffen.

Social democracy and social progress


European centre-left leaders gathered recently in Oslo to discuss their difficulties in winning power, as well as their inability to do anything with it once they’ve got it.

Centre-Left and Centre-Right more dangerous than the fascist bogey


Another party of the far right has just scored a resounding success in a general election in an EU member state. This time it was Finland’s turn.

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