Steve McGiffen

European Parliament elections reveal poverty of British left’s tactics


Failure to make any impression should mean “No 2 abstentionism, Yes 2 grown-up politics” argues Steve McGiffen.

European Elections - Britain’s Left Unity can’t ignore Europe


Left Unity, which recently held its first national conference, is a worthy initiative and one which deserves widespread support. I wish it well. Britain certainly needs a new party. Voting Labour has gone from tactically dubious to utterly absurd. And reading through the policies adopted at the new party’s conference, I could find little to disagree with – in principle.

European elections - Prospects for radical left parties

The EP elections are due from 22nd to 25th May this year.

Death at Lampedusa


Cecilia Malmström, the European Commissioner for Home Affairs, has promised that she will try to ensure that the European Union’s border management agency, Frontex, will step up the number of patrols in the Mediterranean Sea in order to avoid further hecatombs such as the one which resulted from the Lampedusa tragedy.

Lifting the arms embargo on Syria – a decision whose results will be measured in hecatombs


The results of the EU’s decision not to extend its embargo on arms sales to Syria will be measured in hecatombs, and not in Syria alone.

Taking on the tax evaders

The financial crisis which began in 2007-8 and the economic crisis which ensued and which shows no signs of abating have drawn attention to the problem of tax evasion.

The New World Economic Order

Transatlantic Free Trade is another step towards a complete global ‘market dictatorship’

The ruling elites of the European Union and the United States are planning yet another far-reaching measure designed to undermine parliamentary democracy and remove any opportunity for popular inpu

Poisoned Spring: EU renews its drive to steal the people’s water


In the United Kingdom, profiteering water companies are raising charges in excess of inflation at a time when they are already recording high rates of profit, claiming that their profits are down because so many customers can’t pay their bills. I am not the first to point out that raising the cost of water seems an odd way to deal with the fact that people can’t afford to pay for it at the existing price, reminiscent of the old debtors’ prisons where they’d lock you away for not paying your debts, thereby making it impossible for you to earn the money to pay them.

Efxaristo to the people of Cyprus


Last week, following angry demonstrations of popular outrage, the Cypriot parliament has rejected the legalised mugging imposed upon the island’s government by the EU and its dominant power, German

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