Corporate Europe Observatory’s Lobby Planet guide update out now


The new edition of the Lobby Planet to Brussels' EU quarter features a guide to some of the biggest lobby players operating in Brussels, as well as three thematic tours, highlighting the carbon lob

Left MEP demands European Parliament enquiry into EU agencies


European agencies are being established in prodigious numbers as a result of collusion between EU member states and the European Commission.

Economic governance for people or for the banks?

Wednesday October 12, Brussels

London – 17-25 September - Reclaim the Commons

Celebrate the people’s right to the commons, their local and global movements to free the world (and our minds) from the enclosures that keep the earth from being what it should be: a common treasu

STIR: second edition on line now

The second edition of Stir, a genuinely stimulating magazine of politics and culture, is now on-line.

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