The EU Crisis Pocket Guide


A useful pocket guide on how a crisis made in Wall Street was made worse by EU policies, how it has enriched the 1% to the detriment of the 99%, and outlining some possible solutions that prioritis

Left MEPs condemn European Summit agreement as ‘just more of the same’


The outcome of the European summit on rescuing the Euro cannot be called historic, according to Left Members of the European Parliament. On the contrary, it’s simply more of the same.

Statement of the Party of the European Left

“The EU will either be democratic, social and act in solidarity or it will not exist!”

The EU is today going through the worst crisis since its foundation. This crisis is part of a global financial, economic, social, ecological and political crisis, which is hitting people very hard, starting with women and young people, for whom the future is looking darker.

Austerity forever


The European Union’s new model of economic governance, including the Euro Pact, is a model of prolonged austerity, according to a new publication from Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO).  The

Lobbying Warfare


A new publication from Corporate Europe Observatory,  Lobbying Warfare - the arms industry's role in building a military

European Conference Declaration


by the European Conference against Austerity & Privatisation

Europe Against Austerity conference report


Fred Leplat, one of the conference’s  organisers, offers his thoughts on a significant event.

Corporate Europe Observatory’s Lobby Planet guide update out now


The new edition of the Lobby Planet to Brussels' EU quarter features a guide to some of the biggest lobby players operating in Brussels, as well as three thematic tours, highlighting the carbon lob

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